La Belle Laide

Aloha, my name is JulesKD and my real home is here. I use this just to follow people and things I think are nifty.

I am a single Mom by choice to a lovely boy born 5/16/13.

Also I'm a novelist in search of an agent, growing a pair refining my query letter.

Stuff I care about: Being art, through Kung Fu (choy lei fuht, broadsword and staff, light-contact sparring, trapping, and forms,) and through dance (Hula/Polynesian.) Human rights, equality, and the freedom of choice for all. Health and wellness, not only for me, but for everyone. I think you have to fight for those things and not just bitch about them. Science, animal rights, availability of information, sustainable living. Movies, music, art, and how best to have fun and adventures. Laughter, friends, joy. I root for the underdog.

Stuff I don't care about: what's fashionable, cooing at myself in the mirror, (I avoid the mirror as much as possible,) who's banging whom. I try my best to avoid toxic stuff like magazines.

Oh, and finally I'm a massage therapist and I love my job! So I could tell you a story, make you feel awesome, dance a Hula, or I could leg-sweep you and punch you in the face. YOU NEVER KNOW.

Ask me anything



Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m pleased to announce that we are starting production on Season 2 of HITRECORD ON TV! And, for our 1st request of the season, let’s start gathering Theme Ideas for our next 8 episodes of television.


EVERYONE: Contribute a Text Record w/ your Season 2 Theme idea by Mon. 4/14.


Contribute to the “SEASON 2 THEME IDEAS” collab HERE!

Season two. How about re: Seasons! 

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